I am a portrait photographer and have been doing it for many years. I worked for ELLE magazine for a few years when I was in France.  

I am now based in Irvine but have my Studio in Anaheim, 40 min. south of LA.

 I love to make people look as good and as natural as possible. You will not see a heavy mask of makeup on my models, simply because I don't think that hiding a person behind paint is a good way to make them look good.

In my studio, I have clothing that span from 1880 to 1970. Not because I want to recreate the era but because I don't want fashion to be part of the portrait. Fashion is ephemeral while a beautiful portraits should still look good to your great grand children 90 years from now. 

I never bill my non-corporate clients. If you are interested in my work, please contact me, for a possible shoot.  


Phone: 914-414-1059.  Email: